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  • What about chrome?
    If you would like Chrome as part of your design please include this desire in the initial contact form. Chrome is sent out of house to our amazing chrome artist. This could add up to four weeks - knowing your desire for chrome upfront will help us better plan when your project goes to chrome.
  • What is your lead time?
    Lead times vary depending on time of year as demand increase as the warmer weather approaches. Lead times will be discussed in detail during your pre-project consultation. Our queue is currently a six month wait time, be sure to consider your project in advance.
  • How do I care for my helmet?
    1) remove the visor from your helmet and the tear-off from the visor (if you use one) to get rid of any bits of dirt that get trapped underneath. 2) Spray exterior of the helmet with cleaner (we recommend Invisible Glass) Let sit for about 30 seconds. 3) Wipe helmet clean, using one side of a clean mircofibre cloth. Once dry, flip cloth over and give the helmet a final wipe to remove any left over residue. 4) Clean both the visor and tear-off the same way and re install. *** Periodically, we recommend shampooing the inside of the helmet, just like you would your head. Wet the inside down, add a small amount of your favourite shampoo and use a wet cloth to clean the inside. Be sure to rinse thoroughly to avoid left over residue. To dry, leave visor off and place helmet upside down (on a soft surface) to allow maximum air flow. Reassemble when completely dry.
  • What methods of payment do you accept?
    E-trasnfer, Credit Card payments and PayPal accepted *E-Transfer is preferred!
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