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Lone Palm Design had been an idea I toyed with since I was about 13. However, being that young I didn't have the knowledge about how to get myself into custom helmet painting and what steps would be required to move that dream forward. Unfortunately for that time it was left at that. I continued racing go-karts and decided to have my helmets painted by a few other painters. Up until a life changing event that was going  to be the case.


On May 17th, 2014 I was in an extremely terrifying go-kart accident which would send me flying through the air and tumbling down the racetrack, hitting my head a few times which would be at that time both a disaster and a blessing. My helmet which I had just gotten painted was now a complete write off, however I must say as upset as I was the helmet did its job and I hobbled away with only a broken ankle and no head trauma.


From there Lone Palm Design was born! 


After about a week after the crash and a couple hospital visits, I was of course looking to see when I could next get back into the kart and what steps were required to get me back out there. That was when my helmet situation once again came up. If I was going to get back out there I would need a new helmet, but there would be no time for painting it. I ordered my new Arai and when it came in I called around but there was no way I was going to get it painted in time. So after now what had been a couple weeks of sitting around on the couch with my ankle up I decided to revisit my dream of painting helmets. 


I then started playing with names and logos and came up with Lone Palm Design. From there I asked my dad to purchase some pin-striping vinyl from the local auto store and I began playing with different lines and shapes to see if I could get the hang of it. From there I took some time to find and create some tools to assist in the process and then began learning how to use an airbrush.


Once I was able to walk again I built my paint booth and began practicing on some old helmets I had around and a few some friends had given me to test on. After many hours of  designing and trying several paint techniques and processes with paint.  I was ready to paint my first helmet. 


And the rest is history.

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